My curiosity defines my life and informs my art. Since my childhood years, I've been asking, "What if?" I choose a path to follow, eager to reveal the adventures I'm sure to experience along the way. 
My ideas are provoked by what I see, hear, and feel. Many of my visual prompts come from brief moments created when light intersects with dimension, for example. Figures or faces often appear in my work because I find people quite fascinating and my most personal work happens when I examine and translate human experience into my art. But it is clear to me that my work is primarily rooted in emotion as I consistently tap into my state of emotion as a source. I often begin a piece by examining my mood and consider what I want to communicate. Every decision I make while creating my work is directly influenced by my feeling in that moment: from substrate to medium to color to tool. 
During this process, I'm in an ongoing conversation with myself and my piece. My curiosity engages with what I'm seeing in front of me and often my initial concept will evolve as new ideas flourish in my mind. I'm usually satisfied with the results of this intuitive process—but not always, and that's okay. When I'm working, I'm transformed into a uniquely distinct state of focus I consider to be a therapeutic trance. I feel completely free working this way as it is exactly this exploration that is critical to me continuing to create. 
I'm curious about my work and am keenly aware of where it takes me mentally and emotionally. I also look forward to evolving in my art practice. I'm very excited to see what I'll create next. 
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